In Silmaril

is a one man project so far, but I am going to invite guests soon. I am Uwe Drechsel from Germany and I am In Silmaril while I play and compose my music. The name is derived from J.R.R. Tolkiens Silmarillion. The silmaril stones in Tolkiens stories are very powerful and valuable things -- maybe you feel something similar while listening to the music of In Silmarils. So the name stands for a state of mind, for a deep desire and emotion.


I started making music as little boy, when I had my first musical lessons on the electric organ. There were only a few chances to play piano and (later) to play church organ. With my first synthesizer and soon also with the first computer I started to compose my own songs in 1987. A few years later, the studio had grown and a multitrack recorder and a bigger computer enabled more complex songs.


While most of In Silmarils music is produced on electronic instruments, there are also some acoustic elements and of course vocals. But especially most of the older songs were aimed to sound "acoustic". The recent songs are going to make more use of rhythm, are going to become more and more dancable.


In Silmaril never aimed for commercial success. The lyrics are more or less a crypted diary and the arrangements were done to carry the words, not to reach the masses... So fame and wellness are still missing, but In Silmaril is also innocent with regard to the acoustic pollution, which is pouring out of the radio stations in this world. On the download page are some excerpts of my work.