"Do you think juggling's a mere trick?" the little man asked, sounding wounded. "An amusement for the gapers? A means of picking up a crown or two at a provincial carnival? It is all those things, yes, but first it is a way of life, friend, a creed, a species of worship." "And a kind of poetry," said Carabella. Sleet nodded. "Yes, that too. And a mathematics. It teaches calmness, control, balance, a sense of the placement of things and the underlying structure of motion. There is a silent music to it.

Robert Silverberg, Lord Valentines Castle


When I was still at the University of Bayreuth I used to juggle quite a lot. I had my own juggling group and also used juggling clubs and balls to relax during my studies.

Now I have less time, but still juggling is a place to get new inspiriation.